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Boston Celtics And Freebeat Announce Partnership, Uniting Sports And Wellness

Boston Celtics And Freebeat Announce Partnership, Uniting Sp...

New York City, New York, United States, 6th Feb 2024 – In an exciting new partnership, freebeat, an industry leader in indoor stationary bikes and electric bikes, has teamed up with the 17-time World Champion Boston Celtics. This partnership aims to revitalize the world of fitness and energize the Celtics fan base.  “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with a legendary NBA team like the Boston Celtics this year, an organization that shares our passion and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and sustainability. Working with the Celtics highlights our collective commitment and devotion to the game and fosters an inspiring journey of entertainment, dedication, and fitness goals for all our users and fans. We cannot wait to share our exciting journey and bring some fun activities and other surprises to the fans!” stated Abby Zhu, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at freebeat.  “freebeat shares in our commitment of building a sense of community and encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle choices,” said Ted Dalton, Boston Celtics Chief Partnership Officer. “We look forward to this new partnership, which will feature a Jr. Celtics Academy Theme Night presented by freebeat at TD Garden and will give fans the opportunity to win a Celtics-branded stationary fitness bike.”  What to Expect From This New Partnership  freebeat will offer fans the opportunity to win an exclusive Celtics-branded stationary fitness bike, which is not available for purchase. This bike will allow a lucky fan to incorporate their passion for the Celtics into their daily fitness routines.  Jr. Celtics Academy Night presented by freebeat  As a highlight of this partnership, freebeat will be the presenting partner of the Jr. Celtics Academy Night at TD Garden in connection with the Celtics home game against the Los Angeles Clippers on January 27, 2024. This event will offer a variety of activities and provide fans access to exclusive Celtics-themed items.  Stay Connected and Engaged  With the announcement of this partnership, fans and users are encouraged to stay connected via freebeat and Celtics social media for future updates.  About the Boston Celtics  A charter member of the Basketball Association of America (which evolved into the National Basketball Association) since 1946, the Boston Celtics have won a record 17 NBA Championships, including eight (8) in a row from 1959-1966, winning their first title in 1957 and their most recent in 2008. The Celtics have long stood for equality, and respect, including hiring  the first African American Coach and starting the first all-Black starting five. In addition, 50 former Celtics players, management or staff have been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In December 2002 the team returned to local ownership for the first time since 1963. For more information on the Celtics, log on to  About freebeat  Established in 2018, freebeat stands as a global leader in the indoor stationary bikes and electric bikes industry, revolutionizing the fitness sector by providing a space where individuals can confidently pedal their worries away, all while championing innovation for a more enjoyable and eco-friendly e-mobility experience. The product lineup features a high-performance indoor stationary bike, the Boom Bike, a premium Lit Bike, and a groundbreaking 2-in-1 MorphRover eBike designed for style and sustainability.  Beyond creating a stress-free fitness environment and promoting sustainability as a key aspect of the ESG commitment, freebeat maintains a profound dedication to community support. Actively supporting organizations such as One Tree Planted, Cure Childhood Cancer, and the Children’s Tumor Foundation, freebeat contributes significantly to the betterment of society.  CONTACTS:   Christian Megliola, Boston Celtics –  Taylor Kielpinski-Rogers, Boston Celtics –   Caroline Weber, Boston Celtics – Media Contact Organization: freebeat Contact Person: Abby Zhu Website: Email: City: New York City State: New York Country: United States Release Id: 0602249241 The post Boston Celtics And Freebeat Announce Partnership, Uniting Sports And Wellness appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

Visa Information For Turkey Visa For Chinese & Indian Citizens

Visa Information For Turkey Visa For Chinese & Indian Citize...

Turkey Visa from IndiaTurkey has become a favored holiday spot for Indian passport holders. In 2013, the Turkish government introduced an online visa platform enabling citizens from over 100 nations, such as India, to acquire e-Visas. Indian citizens need to obtain a visa before traveling to Turkey as they are not exempt from visa requirements in the country. Any individual from India who resides or holds nationality can request a Turkey e-Visa for a brief trip to Turkey. Citizens of India have the option to acquire a Turkey Online e-Visa. Prior to traveling to this alluring nation, Indian citizens need to fulfill certain prerequisites for obtaining a Turkey e-Visa. The Turkey e-Visa has replaced the old "sticker visa" method, simplifying the visa application process. The Turkey e-Visa is customized for Indian Passport Holders who are visiting Turkey for either tourism or business reasons. This Turkey e-Visa for Indians can be used for single entry or multiple entries. The holder's maximum stay in the country is 30 or 90 days, depending on their nationality. Indian citizens can visit Turkey up to 30 days after receiving the Turkey e-Visa, which is valid for 180 days from the date of issue. Indian citizens wishing to live, work or study in Turkey must obtain the appropriate visa or permit from a Turkish embassy or consulate. Any Indian national planning to stay in Turkey for more than 30 days for commercial or tourism purpose is required to apply for Long-stay Visa Turkey instead of e-Visa. There are a few simple Turkey e-Visa requirements for Indian citizens that must be met in order to be eligible to travel to this fascinating country. Indian passport holders simply need to complete a quick online application form. This avoids having to make an unnecessary trip to an embassy to deal with the paperwork. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR CITIZENS OF INDIANA Passport valid for a minimum of 60 days beyond the duration of stay in Turkey.A valid email address to receive the E-Visa in their Inbox.You can use a Credit or debit card to pay for the eVisa fees.Turkey Visa ApplicationIn 2013, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed from using visa stamps and stickers to implementing an electronic visa application system. Those who qualify can now use the internet to apply for a three-month visa to Turkey. In order to visit Turkey, you need to possess a Turkey e-Visa, which is a document issued by the government. In order to travel to Turkey, eligible candidates need to fill out the Turkey e-Visa Application Form on the internet. The Turkish authorities provide an "e-Visa" for Turkey, a digital travel permit that allows entry and movement around the country. The 2013 online visa for Turkey allows for a single or multiple entry visa with a stay of 30 or 90 days, depending on the passport holder's nationality. Certain actions must be taken in order to apply for a Turkish visa. In addition, the applicant must mention their country of origin and the intended date of admission. Make sure to finish all jobs in the correct order. If you make even the smallest mistake that could affect later applications, your application may be denied. A smartphone, laptop, or other electronic device can be used to submit a Turkey Visa Application Form. The application only takes a few minutes. First, determine if you need a visa.Verify the sort of Turkish Visa you must obtain.Find out when to submit your application.Check the location for the visa application for Turkey.Gather the necessary paperwork.Application to be submitted.Review and confirm payment of visa fees. Receive your approved visa via e-mail.Turkey Visa EligibilityMany countries mandate foreign visitors to obtain a visa prior to entering Turkey. The introduction of the Turkish e-Visa aimed to replace the conventional "sticker visa" and simplify the visa application process, leading to quicker access to the country. Introduced in 2013, this virtual visa grants individuals the opportunity to stay in Turkey for either 30 or 90 days, depending on their country of origin, and permits multiple entries. The e-Visa system is beneficial as it enables applicants to apply from more than 100 countries, removing the necessity to visit an embassy or consulate. Before entering Turkey, citizens who are eligible need to complete the Turkey e-Visa Application Form on the internet. After being issued, the e-Visa is valid for 180 days. Both tourists and business (trade) travelers can obtain a Turkey e-Visa. Travelers who wish to travel to Turkey for other reasons such as work, or study need to apply through a Turkish embassy or consulate. The application is 100% online and travelers receive the approved permit in less than 48 hours. Applicants can also get the visa within 1 hour with Priority Service. WHAT DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE TURKEY E-VISA?A Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival.A valid Email address to receive notifications and the approved Turkey eVisa.You can use a valid Debit or credit card to pay for the Turkey eVisa fees.Eligibility for getting Turkey Visa:Be a genuine traveler – You must have a valid and good intention behind traveling to the country.Eligible to bear all expenses -You must possess sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents throughout the stay.Reasons to return – You must have strong ties in your home country that will ensure that you will return after your stay.Be of good character – You must have a clean criminal track record and be of good character. You may have to provide PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for the same.Be in good health – You must at least meet the minimum health requirements required by the authorities.TURKEY VISA FOR CHINESE CITIZENSChinese nationals need to acquire an electronic visa prior to entering Turkey. In 2013, Turkey implemented an e-Visa to simplify the process for foreign tourists, including those from China, to enter Turkey. Chinese citizens need to obtain an e-Visa before entering Turkey's borders. This serves as an alternative to the conventional "sticker visa". The Turkish e-Visa can be used by Chinese citizens for tourism, business, and transit purposes. This visa enables Chinese nationals to access via air, land, and sea avenues. Chinese nationals are permitted to enter once and remain for up to 30 days. The e- Visa is an internet-based visa that is valid for all purposes. E-Visas for Chinese citizens are valid for 180 days starting from the issuance date. There are numerous benefits for tourists in Turkey. Chinese citizens who want to stay in Turkey for longer or move to Turkey on professional or academic grounds should contact the Turkish Embassy Beijing to find out which travel document suits them best. Turkish visa application for Chinese citizens is quick and easy thanks to the online electronic visa (e-Visa) system. The short online form only takes a few minutes to fill out, so you don't have to hand in the documents to an embassy in person. It is widely considered the most convenient way to get permission to visit the Republic of Turkey. Requirements of Turkey Visa for Chinese citizensPassport – the general requirement is that your passport needs to be valid for at least six months from your intended date of arrival.A digital photo of you – it is recommended that the photo is recently taken. Just make sure that it meets the photo requirements.E-mail address – Your visa will be sent to you via e-mail, so make sure that you provide a valid e-mail address you have access to.Means of payment – You can use multiple methods of payment such as credit and debit cards.Turkey Visa for Indian CitizensIndian passport holders frequently visit Turkey. In 2013, the Turkish government launched an internet-based system that allows Indian nationals to acquire e-Visas without submitting hard copies. This straightforward procedure allows Indian citizens or residents to request a Turkey e-Visa and enjoy a brief trip to Turkey. The e-Visa system has taken the place of the old and slow "sticker visa" method, significantly accelerating the visa application procedure. Indian passport holders can use the Turkey e-Visa to enter Turkey for either tourism or business purposes, catering to both tourists and business travelers. Indian citizens wanting to travel to this lovely nation must meet specific criteria for the Turkey e-Visa. Indian citizens can choose between single or multiple entries with this e-Visa for Turkey, and the length of their stay depends on their nationality, varying from 30 to 90 days.After obtaining a Turkey e-Visa, which is good for 180 days starting from the date of issuance, citizens of India are allowed to travel to Turkey for up to 30 days. Indian citizens wishing to live, work or study in Turkey must obtain the appropriate visa or permit from a Turkish embassy or consulate. Any Indian national planning to stay in Turkey for more than 30 days for commercial or tourism purpose is required to apply for Long-stay Visa Turkey instead of e-Visa. There are a few simple Turkey e-Visa requirements for Indian citizens that must be met in order to be eligible to travel to this fascinating country. Indian passport holders simply need to complete a quick online application form. This avoids having to make an unnecessary trip to an embassy to deal with the paperwork. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR CITIZENS OF INDIANA Passport valid for a minimum of 60 days beyond the duration of stay in Turkey.A valid email address to receive the E-Visa in their Inbox.You can use a Credit or debit card to pay for the eVisa fees.  Media Contact Organization: TurkeyVisa Contact Person: Ginto Perathu Melisa Website: Email: Send Email Country:United States Release id:13387

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TON Network Rises to Prominence: How Telegram’s Ecosystem is Shaping the Future of Blockchain

TON Network Rises to Prominence: How Telegram’s Ec...

TON or Toncoin is an ERC-20 Token used in the layer-1 blockchain called the Open Network initially created by the Telegram messaging app. Hence, majority of the functioning of the TON ecosystem is dictated by Telegrams 900 million active users. Still, the newcomer is the TON Network that has jumped ahead of Optimism to become the tenth largest blockchain by TVL. TON Network’s most active DApps past 7 days, USD. Source: DappRadar Some of the proposed developments for the near future are Bitcoin bridge and EVM compatibility. June 26, 2020, saw Bitget the crypto exchange, and Singapore-based Foresight Ventures invest $20 million in TON ecosystem fund that is for early stages’ projects and apps based on TON. Before that, the exchange had started an official Telegram signal trading recommendation bot, whereby the heads of groups could install this option for free. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CHECK HERE The post TON Network Rises to Prominence: How Telegram’s Ecosystem is Shaping the Future of Blockchain appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

UPCX Has Announced That it Will Release its Testnet in The Third Quarter of 2024

UPCX Has Announced That it Will Release its Testne...

Singapore, Singapore, 20th Jul 2024, King NewsWire - UPCX has announced that it will release its testnet in the third quarter of 2024. Over the past six months, UPCX has made rapid progress in technical development and has been continuously preparing for the upcoming testnet. This period has witnessed significant breakthroughs and innovations by UPCX in the field of blockchain technology, showcasing its strong commitment to building an efficient, secure, and flexible blockchain ecosystem. With the testnet set to go live, UPCX may usher in a new wave in the blockchain industry.2023 Q4: Laying the Foundation with Key TechnologiesBeacon Engine and Multi-Thread were two key achievements of UPCX in the fourth quarter of 2023. The introduction of Beacon Engine technology marked the realization of shard chains, an essential milestone in blockchain scalability. By dividing data processing tasks, shard chains significantly improve the processing capacity and speed of the blockchain, enabling the UPCX network to process more transactions without sacrificing security. This progress not only enhances the network's throughput but also significantly reduces transaction latency, laying the foundation for future high-frequency transactions and large-scale application scenarios.At the same time, implementing Multi-Thread technology leverages the powerful processing capabilities of multi-core processors, dramatically increasing the system's concurrent processing capabilities and overall security. UPCX can significantly improve processing efficiency while ensuring data security by utilizing multi-threaded encryption and cryptanalysis methods. These technological advancements provide a solid foundation for UPCX's high performance and stability, ensuring the successful operation of the testnet.2024 Q1: Realization of User-Defined TokensEntering the first quarter of 2024, UPCX announced the integration of the UIA (User Issued Assets) function, which allows users to create custom tokens with specific attributes and functionalities, providing potential enhancements to the platform's future flexibility. Through UIA, corporate and individual users will be able to issue tokens according to their own needs, which is expected to promote the diversified development of the UPCX ecosystem. The development of UIA not only provides users with upcoming rich asset creation and management tools but also lays a solid foundation for the development of future smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).2024 Q2: Cross-Chain Compatibility and Multi-Functional DevelopmentIn the second quarter of 2024, the UPCX team continued to rapidly advance the development of the public chain, particularly increasing investment in compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This move aims to attract more developers, promote cross-chain interaction and smart contract deployment, and further enhance the usability and attractiveness of the UPCX platform. EVM compatibility will enable Ethereum developers to easily migrate their smart contracts to the UPCX platform, enriching the application ecosystem of the platform.Meanwhile, the UPCX team is also dedicated to developing several key features, including a Referral Program, Blockchain Messenger, TPS Test Tool, and Block Explorer, which will significantly impact the user experience and technical validation of the testnet. The referral program promotes widespread adoption and usage of UPCX by rewarding users for recommending new users, while the blockchain messaging feature enhances the platform's interactivity, enabling users to communicate and collaborate more conveniently.Notably, UPCX uses the TPS Test Tool to measure the network's transaction processing speed, ensuring efficient operation even under high transaction volumes. This tool is crucial for validating the technical performance and scalability of the UPCX network, ensuring its ability to meet future high-frequency trading demands.2024 Q3: The Upcoming Testnet LaunchThe launch of the UPCX testnet is counting down to the third quarter of 2024. During this phase, the UPCX team is focused on preparing for the testnet, developing and testing several key technologies, including Multi-Key Function, Parallel Software Transactional Memory, Snowman Consensus, Recurring Payment, Zero-Knowledge Proof, and Price Oracle.These preparations are aimed at ensuring the smooth launch and efficient operation of the testnet:- Multi-Key Function will be used to implement custom authorization features, enhancing the security and flexibility of the platform.- Parallel Software Transactional Memory (STM) is a mechanism for concurrency control in shared memory programs, originating from the database community's ideas. This technology optimizes concurrent processing capabilities, ensuring stable system operation under high-load conditions.- Snowman Consensus is a blockchain-optimized consensus protocol with high throughput and fully ordered characteristics that are well-suited for smart contracts. Its efficient consensus mechanism will significantly enhance the performance and stability of the UPCX network. - Recurring Payment supports cyclical payments, allowing regular payments at different frequencies and durations until canceled, with the payer authorizing withdrawals. This feature will greatly facilitate users' recurring payment needs.- Zero-knowledge proof allows for proving the authenticity of statements without sharing their content. This technology is crucial for enhancing the platform's privacy protection and security.- Price Oracle provides reliable price oracles, ensuring real-time accurate pricing data for collateralizing UPCX and MPA, providing solid support for the platform's financial applications.Implementing and testing these technologies will not only significantly enhance the functionality and security of the UPCX platform but also provide users with richer application scenarios and higher operational convenience. In particular, technologies such as the Snowman consensus protocol and zero-knowledge proofs will further strengthen UPCX's privacy protection and high-throughput performance, laying a solid foundation for the launch and operation of the testnet.SummaryOver the past six months, the UPCX team has advanced multiple key technical points astonishingly, continuously preparing for the testnet launch. The successful implementation of Beacon Engine and Multi-Thread technologies laid the foundation for the platform's high performance and stability; the launch of UIA enables users to create custom tokens, enhancing the platform's flexibility; and the development of EVM compatibility and multiple functions provides support for the platform's widespread application.With the testnet about to launch, people have reason to expect UPCX to bring more innovation and breakthroughs in the field of blockchain technology. The successful operation of the testnet will lay a solid foundation for the future mainnet launch, promoting the further development and prosperity of the UPCX ecosystem. In this process, UPCX will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation and development, continuously improving the platform's technical strength and user experience and contributing to the development of the blockchain industry.About UPCX:UPCX is a blockchain-based open-source payment platform that aims to provide secure, transparent, and compliant financial services to global users. It supports fast payments, smart contracts, cross-asset transactions, user-issued assets (UIA), non-fungible tokens (NFA), and stablecoins. Moreover, it offers a decentralized exchange (DEX), APIs, and SDKs, allows customized payment solutions, and integrates POS applications and hardware wallets for enhanced security, building a one-stop financial ecosystem.Official website: Telegram: Media Contact Organization: UPCX Contact Person: Jiso Liu Website: Email: Send Email City: Singapore Country:Singapore Release id:14486

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The LARGEST & the only paper production mill in the GCC & th...

United Arab Emirates, 14th May 2024, King NewsWire – In response to the global surge in demand for paper products, Ittihad Paper Mill LLC (IPM), established in 2020, has positioned itself as a pivotal player in the paper industry despite the challenging production conditions in the UAE, including harsh climatic environments, water scarcity, and significant infrastructural demands. IPM is proud to be the only facility in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) dedicated to the production of printing and writing paper. Located on a sprawling 250,000 SQM site in Abu Dhabi’s industrial area, IPM boasts an annual production capacity of 325,000 tons, making it the largest mill of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Under the visionary leadership of Managing Director Mr. Abdullah Al Khateeb, IPM has transformed the UAE from a paper-importing nation into a central hub for paper exports in the Middle East, with over 90% of its production serving international markets. “We are currently delivering to over 50 countries and continuously enhancing our production capabilities to meet global demand. Our sophisticated logistics system ensures timely delivery, reaching even the farthest locations in under three days,” stated Mr. Al Khateeb. Operations Director Mr. Rabih El Assadi emphasized IPM’s commitment to quality and sustainability: “Our goal is not only to produce superior quality products using the best available technology and systems but also to maintain eco-friendly manufacturing processes.” IPM aims to broaden its product offerings and adapt to diverse market needs with flexibility in paper machine specifications. IPM produces top-tier uncoated wood-free paper in various formats, catering to sectors such as publishing, pharmaceuticals, education, general office use, and labelling. The company has also successfully launched several proprietary paper brands including Omnia, Maram, Archer, Captain Copy, and Enterprise, available in multiple grammages to enhance customer choice and satisfaction in both local and international markets. Recently, Maram Copy Paper won the ‘Best Office Supplies of the Year’ award given by Paperworld Middle East. This achievement showcases not only the popularity of IPM brands but also our strong emphasis on quality and customer loyalty. Additionally, IPM adheres to all stringent environmental protocols, producing paper in strict compliance with global standards and sourcing pulp exclusively from certified sustainable forests.For additional details about Ittihad Paper Mill LLC and its products, please visit Media Contact Organization: Ittihad Paper Mill LLC (IPM) Contact Person: support team Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +97125505438 Address: Abu Dhabi Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi, UAE Country: United Arab Emirates Release Id: 14052412088 The post The LARGEST & the only paper production mill in the GCC & the MENA region, making a big difference. appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

The LARGEST & the only paper production mill in the GCC & the MENA region, making a big difference.

BestBizFinder Launches Platform for International Business L...

BestBizFinder stands for scouting businesses for sale or franchise opportunities, has expanded its horizons by launching a new platform dedicated to international business listings, marking a significant milestone in its mission to facilitate global entrepreneurship. This new endeavor opens up a world of opportunities for buyers and sellers alike, allowing them to connect across borders and explore ventures on a global scale. To celebrate this milestone, BestBizFinder is offering a limited-time free listing period, enabling businesses worldwide to showcase their offerings to a diverse audience without any upfront costs. Whether you’re a business owner looking to sell or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking international opportunities, this free listing period presents an ideal opportunity to maximize exposure and leverage the power of BestBizFinder’s platform. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your reach and unlock new possibilities in the global marketplace. Join BestBizFinder today and take advantage of this exclusive offer before it’s too late! United States, 3rd Apr 2024 – BestBizFinder, an innovative online platform fostering connections between business brokers and owners on a global scale, is excited to announce its official launch. The platform boasts an intuitive interface designed for brokers to list businesses and franchises for sale, alongside valuable resources aiding buyers in navigating the purchasing process. In celebration of its debut, BestBizFinder is extending a limited-time offer of free listings for brokers. BestBizFinder stands as a hub for individuals interested in buying or selling businesses across borders. Empowering brokers and business owners alike, the platform facilitates listings their businesses for sale that reach a diverse audience of potential buyers worldwide. With its user-friendly design and extensive listings, BestBizFinder simplifies the process of linking sellers with qualified buyers. For sellers, BestBizFinder provides an array of tools aimed at enhancing their listing experience. From effortless photo uploads to comprehensive descriptions, sellers can effectively spotlight the unique characteristics of their businesses, capturing the attention of prospective buyers. On the buyer front, BestBizFinder offers a plethora of resources and guides to streamline the purchasing journey. Whether seeking advice on due diligence or negotiating terms of sale, the platform equips buyers with the knowledge necessary for informed decisions, thus ensuring a smoother transaction process. SELLER TOOLS: BestBizFinder offers a suite of tools tailored to assist sellers in creating and managing listings effectively. With features like photo uploads and detailed descriptions, sellers can showcase their businesses’ distinctive attributes to attract potential buyers. BUYER RESOURCES: Buyers can access a wealth of resources and guides on BestBizFinder to facilitate their purchasing journey. From tips on due diligence to negotiating strategies, BestBizFinder empowers buyers with the knowledge required for informed decisions. MOBILE ACCESSIBILITY: BestBizFinder is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to access listings and manage their accounts anytime, anywhere. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, users can stay connected to the platform and seize potential opportunities without constraints. “We are excited to introduce BestBizFinder and offer a platform that facilitates seamless transactions between business brokers and owners worldwide,” remarked Kevin Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing at BestBizFinder. “Our aim is to empower entrepreneurs and sellers by providing a comprehensive solution for buying and selling businesses, supported by advanced technology and exceptional customer service.” Kevin Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing at BestBizFinder, expressed enthusiasm regarding the platform’s official launch, underscoring the company’s dedication to facilitating effortless transactions between business brokers and owners on a global scale.   ABOUT BESTBIZFINDER BestBizFinder stands as a premier online platform connecting business brokers and owners worldwide. With its user-friendly interface, extensive listings, and commitment to transparency, BestBizFinder emerges as the preferred destination for individuals involved in buying or selling businesses. To seize the opportunity of the complimentary listing period for brokers and explore the diverse range of businesses available for sale, visit       COMPANY NAME: Azicore Inc.  CONTACT NAME: Kevin Anderson (Director Sales & Marketing) EMAIL:  WEBSITE:  COUNTRY: USA Media Contact Organization: Azicore Inc Contact Person: Kevin Anderson Website: Email: Send Email Country: United States Release Id: 03042410835 The post BestBizFinder Launches Platform for International Business Listings, Offering Free Listing Period for a Limited Time appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

BestBizFinder Launches Platform for International Business Listings, Offering Free Listing Period for a Limited Time

Soileum Network: Transforming Digital Identity with Secure O...

Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 19th Apr 2024 – In an era where digital identity is increasingly under scrutiny and centralized control, Soileum Network emerges as a beacon of hope, spearheading a self-sovereign decentralized identity revolution. With its inception dating back three years ago, Soileum Network has been diligently crafting a paradigm shift in the digital identity landscape. At its core lies the Secure Open Identity Layer (SOIL) technology, redefining trust in trustless decentralized environments. Designed on the principles of innovation and security, Soileum Network operates on the SPoS (Secure Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. This mechanism not only ensures the integrity and security of the network but also facilitates seamless scalability, essential for widespread adoption. The versatility of Soileum Network extends across a myriad of sectors, including but not limited to governments, finance, energy, shipping, transportation, railways, airport security, and supply chain management. By bridging the gap between traditional industries and cutting-edge blockchain technology, Soileum Network opens doors to unprecedented efficiency, transparency, and security. Originating from India, Soileum Network bears the mark of blockchain expertise under the visionary guidance of its founder, Mr. Badrinath Mutkule. The technology pioneered by Soileum is disrupting the digital identity industry at an unprecedented pace, setting new standards for innovation and reliability. Central to the Soileum ecosystem is the $SOIL token, serving as its native currency. This token empowers users to seamlessly transact and access a plethora of services within the Soileum Network. By fostering a thriving ecosystem of transactions, $SOIL token plays a pivotal role in driving the adoption and sustainability of Soileum’s decentralized infrastructure. As a testament to its commitment to community engagement and empowerment, Soileum Network is actively running airdrop campaigns and hosting various competitions for the global crypto developer community. By joining Soileum’s vibrant social media channels, enthusiasts and developers alike can become integral contributors to the ongoing revolution. In conclusion, Soileum Network stands at the forefront of the self-sovereign decentralized identity revolution, powered by the innovative Secure Open Identity Layer (SOIL) technology. With its unwavering commitment to security, innovation, and community engagement, Soileum Network paves the way for a future where individuals have full control over their digital identities. Join the revolution today and be a part of shaping tomorrow’s decentralized world. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Discord Media Contact Organization: Soileum Network Contact Person: Badrinath M Website: Email: Send Email City: Bangalore State: Karnataka Country: India Release Id: 19042411249 The post Soileum Network: Transforming Digital Identity with Secure Open Identity Layer SOIL appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

Soileum Network: Transforming Digital Identity with Secure Open Identity Layer SOIL

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