Old Slip Capital Announces New Miami Office, Issues Advisory for ERISA by James Lukezic, Managing Director

Old Slip Capital Announces New Miami Office, Issues Advisory...

Old Slip Capital has announced the opening of its new office in Miami, FL. The company has also issued an important advisory to plan sponsors, pointing to the advantages of trusting ERISA Fiduciary Advisors. Old Slip Capital's new office in Miami will further add a growth potential to its prospects. It has also shared insights for Plan Sponsors to help them derive the best from ERISA. The advisory focuses on explaining the difference between an ERISA Fiduciary Advisor and a Standard Broker or Advisor, and helps in understanding that selecting a Standard Broker or Advisor is simply not good enough.According to James Lukezic, Managing Director at Old Slip Capital, there are some obvious dangers of not hiring an ERISA Fiduciary Advisor under section 3(38) or 3(21) or both: "Plan Sponsors think that simply having an Advisor at the table is enough until they (Plan Sponsor) realize that a Standard or Retail Advisor is giving them arm’s length advice and not truly taking on liability or responsibility for that advice. With a sanctioned ERISA Fiduciary Advisor, Plan Sponsors can shift that liability to the ERISA Advisor and his or her firm; that includes personal liability on the part of the investment committee members".The advisory goes on to point out that plaintiffs’ class action lawyers in fiduciary breach lawsuits, the Department of Labor in ERISA plan audits, courts, and insurers have focused increased attention on how well ERISA plan fiduciaries follow procedural due process. Actions (or inactions) of committees and individual investment committee fiduciaries are scrutinized and judged in increasing detail, causing fiduciaries to wonder if they are up to date on all of the best practices for plan governance.According to Old Slip Capital, understanding the roles of Fiduciaries and the types of Fiduciaries generally causes confusion. There are Trust Fiduciaries, Administrative Fiduciaries and ERISA Fiduciaries; the latter being the most important. The role of the ERISA Fiduciary is critical, as this advisor is the glue that holds the Retirement Plan together, his or her advice to the Investment Committee steers the success of the plan in a big way. The advisory further explains that competence to act as a fiduciary on the investment committee means more than just having subject matter expertise. It also means having the time needed to devote to the fiduciary role. Putting aside the potential conflicts of interest that a director would face in switching hats from corporate director to plan fiduciary, even a director with the requisite expertise to act as a fiduciary, typically lacks the time (and probably the inclination) to perform more than an oversight role. Furthermore, the Board of Directors should never be left in the position of acting as the Investment Committee. Unfortunately, this is precisely the form of fiduciary governance structure that is in place with the overwhelming majority of employer sponsored plans. Disclaimer: This press release may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies (including product offerings, regulatory plans and business plans) and may change without notice. You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Media Contact Organization: Old Slip Capital Partners Contact Person: James Lukezic Website: Email: City: New York State: NY Country:United States Release id:14555

Renowned Relationship Expert Fred Talisman Joins Label Free Podcast as Resident Relationship Wizard

Renowned Relationship Expert Fred Talisman Joins Label Free...

Host Deanna Radulescu welcomes Fred Talisman, a licensed marriage family counselor and relationship coach with over 25 years of experience, as the Resident Relationship Wizard on Label Free. Fred shares his journey into therapy, including his training in NLP and hypnosis. He emphasizes the importance of seeing the positive in others and using choice points to communicate positively. Fred offers a four-part series on relationship skills at and invites listeners to email their relationship questions to for future episodes. The episode concludes with Fred encouraging listeners to think bigger and revitalize their relationships. Fred will be a resident relationship expert on the show, helping listeners and viewers navigate their relationship challenges. Chicago, IL, United States, 20th Jul 2024 - Label Free Podcast is thrilled to announce the addition of licensed marriage family counselor and relationship expert Fred Talisman as the resident relationship wizard on the show. With over 25 years of experience in private practice, Fred Talisman brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help individuals navigate and improve their relationships.In a recent episode of Label Free Podcast, Fred Talisman shared insights into his journey as a therapist and life coach, highlighting his unique approach to relationship counseling. With a triple master's degree in counseling and guidance, education, and educational psychology, Fred has coached top actors, pro athletes, multimillionaires, and other high-profile individuals.Listeners were captivated by Fred's innovative techniques, including Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, which he uses to help clients understand the structure and patterns of their problems and create positive changes tailored to their needs. Fred's emphasis on choice points and positive communication has resonated with many seeking to revitalize their relationships.To further assist individuals in improving their relationships, Fred Talisman has launched a four-episode series titled "Relationship Magic," available for free access at The series offers essential skills and tools to help individuals revitalize, fix, and save their relationships. Fred also offers a free 45-60 min call to help anyone with their relationship at; https://bookwithfredt.comAs Label Free Podcast's resident relationship wizard, Fred Talisman invites listeners to email their relationship questions and topics to By sharing their challenges, individuals can benefit from Fred's expertise and guidance in future podcast episodes.Deanna Radulescu, host of Label Free Podcast, expressed excitement about Fred Talisman's role on the show, stating, "I cannot wait to unpack more of your gifts that you have for the audience and how we're going to help them move forward and save their relationships, save their marriage, and move forward in a beautiful way."For more information on Fred Talisman and to access the "Relationship Magic" series, visit Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Label Free Podcast featuring Fred Talisman as the resident relationship wizard.Contact: Deanna Radulescu Label Free Podcast Email: labelfree@e360tvlive.comAbout Label Free Podcast:Label Free Podcast, hosted by Deanna Radulescu, brings together inspiring guests from around the world to share their stories and insights on living a label-free life. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including personal development, relationships, and success strategies, aimed at helping listeners live their best lives.About Fred Talisman:Fred Talisman is a licensed marriage family counselor, relationship and life coach with over 25 years of experience in private practice. With a triple master's degree and extensive training in NLP and hypnosis, Fred has coached high-profile individuals and helped countless clients revitalize their relationships and improve their lives. Fred's mission is to empower individuals to create loving and fulfilling relationships.Press Contact:Deanna Radulescu Label Free Podcast Email: Media Contact Organization: Label Free Media Contact Person: Deanna Radulescu Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +18479024885 Address:6517 W. Bittersweet Pl City: Chicago State: IL Country:United States Release id:14552

Bitcoin Mixer : Introducing  Elevating Privacy and Security in the Cryptocurrency Space

Bitcoin Mixer : Introducing Elevating Privacy and Security...

While bitcoin mixer offers significant privacy benefits, it is essential to use these services ethically. Bitcoin mixer should not be used for illegal activities. Users must ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations when utilizing mixing services. London, GB, United Kingdom, 20th Jul 2024 - Bitcoin mixer is excited to introduce its innovative Bitcoin mixing service, a new technology designed to significantly enhance the privacy and security of Bitcoin transactions. As digital currencies gain wider acceptance, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of users’ financial activities has become paramount.What is Bitcoin Mixing? Bitcoin mixing, also known as tumbling, is a process that increases the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions. By pooling and redistributing Bitcoin among multiple users, mixing services obscure the original transaction paths, making it difficult for third parties to trace the flow of funds. Key Benefits of Bitcoin Mixing 1. Enhanced Privacy: Bitcoin’s blockchain records all transactions publicly, which can compromise user privacy. Bitcoin mixing severs the direct link between the sender and receiver, ensuring that transaction details remain confidential.2. Increased Security: With the rise in cyber threats, protecting digital assets is more important than ever. Bitcoin mixing adds a layer of security by making it challenging for hackers to track and target specific transactions.3. Protection from Surveillance: In a time of increased digital surveillance, maintaining financial privacy is crucial. Bitcoin mixing helps users avoid unwanted scrutiny from governments, corporations, and other entities. How Bitcoin Mixing Works The Bitcoin mixing process is simple yet highly effective: • Initial Deposit: Users send their Bitcoin to a mixing service.• Splitting and Mixing: The service breaks down the Bitcoin into smaller units and mixes them with Bitcoin from other users.• Random Redistribution: The mixed Bitcoin is then sent back to users in randomized amounts, obscuring the original transaction trail.• Secure Withdrawal: Users receive their mixed Bitcoin, now anonymized and secure.Bitcoin mixer represents a significant step forward in the realm of cryptocurrency, providing users with enhanced privacy and security. As digital currencies become more integral to the global economy, tools like Bitcoin mixing will play a vital role in protecting user identities and ensuring secure transactions.  Media Contact Organization: Bitcoin Mixing Services Contact Person: Bitcoin Mixer Website: Email: Send Email Address:221B Baker Street City: London State: GB Country:United Kingdom Release id:14553

TON Network Rises to Prominence: How Telegram’s Ecosystem is Shaping the Future of Blockchain

TON Network Rises to Prominence: How Telegram’s Ecosystem is...

TON or Toncoin is an ERC-20 Token used in the layer-1 blockchain called the Open Network initially created by the Telegram messaging app. Hence, majority of the functioning of the TON ecosystem is dictated by Telegrams 900 million active users. Still, the newcomer is the TON Network that has jumped ahead of Optimism to become the tenth largest blockchain by TVL. TON Network’s most active DApps past 7 days, USD. Source: DappRadar Some of the proposed developments for the near future are Bitcoin bridge and EVM compatibility. June 26, 2020, saw Bitget the crypto exchange, and Singapore-based Foresight Ventures invest $20 million in TON ecosystem fund that is for early stages’ projects and apps based on TON. Before that, the exchange had started an official Telegram signal trading recommendation bot, whereby the heads of groups could install this option for free. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CHECK HERE The post TON Network Rises to Prominence: How Telegram’s Ecosystem is Shaping the Future of Blockchain appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

UPCX Has Announced That it Will Release its Testnet in The Third Quarter of 2024

UPCX Has Announced That it Will Release its Testnet in The T...

Singapore, Singapore, 20th Jul 2024, King NewsWire - UPCX has announced that it will release its testnet in the third quarter of 2024. Over the past six months, UPCX has made rapid progress in technical development and has been continuously preparing for the upcoming testnet. This period has witnessed significant breakthroughs and innovations by UPCX in the field of blockchain technology, showcasing its strong commitment to building an efficient, secure, and flexible blockchain ecosystem. With the testnet set to go live, UPCX may usher in a new wave in the blockchain industry.2023 Q4: Laying the Foundation with Key TechnologiesBeacon Engine and Multi-Thread were two key achievements of UPCX in the fourth quarter of 2023. The introduction of Beacon Engine technology marked the realization of shard chains, an essential milestone in blockchain scalability. By dividing data processing tasks, shard chains significantly improve the processing capacity and speed of the blockchain, enabling the UPCX network to process more transactions without sacrificing security. This progress not only enhances the network's throughput but also significantly reduces transaction latency, laying the foundation for future high-frequency transactions and large-scale application scenarios.At the same time, implementing Multi-Thread technology leverages the powerful processing capabilities of multi-core processors, dramatically increasing the system's concurrent processing capabilities and overall security. UPCX can significantly improve processing efficiency while ensuring data security by utilizing multi-threaded encryption and cryptanalysis methods. These technological advancements provide a solid foundation for UPCX's high performance and stability, ensuring the successful operation of the testnet.2024 Q1: Realization of User-Defined TokensEntering the first quarter of 2024, UPCX announced the integration of the UIA (User Issued Assets) function, which allows users to create custom tokens with specific attributes and functionalities, providing potential enhancements to the platform's future flexibility. Through UIA, corporate and individual users will be able to issue tokens according to their own needs, which is expected to promote the diversified development of the UPCX ecosystem. The development of UIA not only provides users with upcoming rich asset creation and management tools but also lays a solid foundation for the development of future smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).2024 Q2: Cross-Chain Compatibility and Multi-Functional DevelopmentIn the second quarter of 2024, the UPCX team continued to rapidly advance the development of the public chain, particularly increasing investment in compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This move aims to attract more developers, promote cross-chain interaction and smart contract deployment, and further enhance the usability and attractiveness of the UPCX platform. EVM compatibility will enable Ethereum developers to easily migrate their smart contracts to the UPCX platform, enriching the application ecosystem of the platform.Meanwhile, the UPCX team is also dedicated to developing several key features, including a Referral Program, Blockchain Messenger, TPS Test Tool, and Block Explorer, which will significantly impact the user experience and technical validation of the testnet. The referral program promotes widespread adoption and usage of UPCX by rewarding users for recommending new users, while the blockchain messaging feature enhances the platform's interactivity, enabling users to communicate and collaborate more conveniently.Notably, UPCX uses the TPS Test Tool to measure the network's transaction processing speed, ensuring efficient operation even under high transaction volumes. This tool is crucial for validating the technical performance and scalability of the UPCX network, ensuring its ability to meet future high-frequency trading demands.2024 Q3: The Upcoming Testnet LaunchThe launch of the UPCX testnet is counting down to the third quarter of 2024. During this phase, the UPCX team is focused on preparing for the testnet, developing and testing several key technologies, including Multi-Key Function, Parallel Software Transactional Memory, Snowman Consensus, Recurring Payment, Zero-Knowledge Proof, and Price Oracle.These preparations are aimed at ensuring the smooth launch and efficient operation of the testnet:- Multi-Key Function will be used to implement custom authorization features, enhancing the security and flexibility of the platform.- Parallel Software Transactional Memory (STM) is a mechanism for concurrency control in shared memory programs, originating from the database community's ideas. This technology optimizes concurrent processing capabilities, ensuring stable system operation under high-load conditions.- Snowman Consensus is a blockchain-optimized consensus protocol with high throughput and fully ordered characteristics that are well-suited for smart contracts. Its efficient consensus mechanism will significantly enhance the performance and stability of the UPCX network. - Recurring Payment supports cyclical payments, allowing regular payments at different frequencies and durations until canceled, with the payer authorizing withdrawals. This feature will greatly facilitate users' recurring payment needs.- Zero-knowledge proof allows for proving the authenticity of statements without sharing their content. This technology is crucial for enhancing the platform's privacy protection and security.- Price Oracle provides reliable price oracles, ensuring real-time accurate pricing data for collateralizing UPCX and MPA, providing solid support for the platform's financial applications.Implementing and testing these technologies will not only significantly enhance the functionality and security of the UPCX platform but also provide users with richer application scenarios and higher operational convenience. In particular, technologies such as the Snowman consensus protocol and zero-knowledge proofs will further strengthen UPCX's privacy protection and high-throughput performance, laying a solid foundation for the launch and operation of the testnet.SummaryOver the past six months, the UPCX team has advanced multiple key technical points astonishingly, continuously preparing for the testnet launch. The successful implementation of Beacon Engine and Multi-Thread technologies laid the foundation for the platform's high performance and stability; the launch of UIA enables users to create custom tokens, enhancing the platform's flexibility; and the development of EVM compatibility and multiple functions provides support for the platform's widespread application.With the testnet about to launch, people have reason to expect UPCX to bring more innovation and breakthroughs in the field of blockchain technology. The successful operation of the testnet will lay a solid foundation for the future mainnet launch, promoting the further development and prosperity of the UPCX ecosystem. In this process, UPCX will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation and development, continuously improving the platform's technical strength and user experience and contributing to the development of the blockchain industry.About UPCX:UPCX is a blockchain-based open-source payment platform that aims to provide secure, transparent, and compliant financial services to global users. It supports fast payments, smart contracts, cross-asset transactions, user-issued assets (UIA), non-fungible tokens (NFA), and stablecoins. Moreover, it offers a decentralized exchange (DEX), APIs, and SDKs, allows customized payment solutions, and integrates POS applications and hardware wallets for enhanced security, building a one-stop financial ecosystem.Official website: Telegram: Media Contact Organization: UPCX Contact Person: Jiso Liu Website: Email: Send Email City: Singapore Country:Singapore Release id:14486

Web3 Experts Urge Innovation and Simplicity to Boost NFT Adoption Amid Industry Challenges

Web3 Experts Urge Innovation and Simplicity to Boost NFT Ado...

Even though NFTs seem to have cemented its place in the world of crypto, the Web3 specialists are convinced that there are some hurdles which do not allow the wider classes of assets to enter the sector. Currently, Web3 executives stated that there is no new narrative in NFT development, the Web3 industry’s reputation issue, and the system’s complexity inhibit the public’s increased acceptance of NFTs. To get the answers to these questions, Cointelegraph turned to the professionals active in the sphere and asked them what they believe hampers NFTs’ adoption and what the sector could do to eliminate such issues. Lack of innovation and coming up with good stories Dave Catudal of Lyvely, the social monetization platform, was asked about his views on the sector and he opined that it requires new paradigms and to innovate. According to Catudal, the key problem of the reluctant followers is a lack of innovation and a new story in the market. Catudal further said that the market does not have a tech problem, but has actually a public relations problem. Catudal explained: “Raised hype, scams and the danger of bad actors almost killed the industry the first time and developers would have to re-imagine NFTs of what it was initially created for – to enable trackable and tradeable digital assets. ” Tyler Adams, the CEO, and co-founder of Web3 firm COZ had a similar view. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE The post Web3 Experts Urge Innovation and Simplicity to Boost NFT Adoption Amid Industry Challenges appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it. Launches Comprehensive Dream Interpretation Service to Enhance Mental Health Launches Comprehensive Dream Interpret... is a pioneering organization in the field of dream interpretation and mental health services. With a team of expert psychologists and dream analysts, the company offers a range of services designed to help individuals understand the deeper meanings of their dreams and improve their mental well-being. Through personalized support and cutting-edge methodologies, aims to make dream analysis an accessible and valuable tool for everyone. Baxter, Tennessee, United States, 19th Jul 2024 - Innovative service aims to integrate dream analysis with mental well-being practices, leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and expert, a leading provider of dream interpretation and mental health services, is excited to announce the launch of its new comprehensive dream interpretation service. This service is designed to help individuals understand the psychological significance of their dreams, thereby promoting mental health and well-being.Research has shown that dream analysis can provide valuable insights into an individual's subconscious mind, leading to improved mental health outcomes. A study by the American Psychological Association found that dream interpretation can be a useful therapeutic tool, aiding in the resolution of emotional conflicts and the improvement of overall mental health.'s new service stands out due to its use of advanced techniques and the expertise of its team, ensuring clients receive the most accurate and beneficial interpretations."Dreams are a window into our subconscious, and understanding them can lead to significant improvements in mental health," said Tim Wright, Dream Meaning Expert at "Our new service combines the latest research in dream analysis with personalized support to help individuals gain deeper insights into their inner lives."Key features of the new dream interpretation service include:Expert Analysis: Interpretations conducted by experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in psychology and dream analysis.Personalized Reports: Detailed, customized reports that provide clear and actionable insights based on individual dreams.Holistic Approach: Integration of dream interpretation with broader mental health practices to offer a well-rounded support system.Technological Integration: Use of cutting-edge software to track and analyze dream patterns, providing clients with comprehensive data over is dedicated to offering innovative services that support mental health and well-being. The launch of this dream interpretation service is a testament to the company's commitment to providing valuable resources and support to those seeking to improve their mental health through understanding their dreams.  Media Contact Organization: Contact Person: Tim Wright Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +17815394219 Address:15 Stanton Hollow Road City: Baxter State: Tennessee Country:United States Release id:14512

Cincinnati Solar Company GoSun Opens Investment Round After Viral Success of EV Solar Charger

Cincinnati Solar Company GoSun Opens Investment Round After...

GoSun launches equity crowdfunding on StartEngine following viral success and $2.5M in pre-sales for its new EV Solar Charger. Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 19th Jul 2024 - GoSun is taking their innovative solar energy company to StartEngine for an Equity Crowdfunding raise. In June, GoSun launched its new EV Solar Charger, and has seen viral response on social media, with over seven million views. Within the first month of pre-sales, GoSun has received over 800 reservations, representing $2.5 M in pipeline orders.  Now, GoSun is raising funds to help scale, as well as develop new products. “We are giving our customers and others a chance to own a piece of the clean energy future.” Patrick Sherwin, CEO of GoSun, says. “Now, thanks to Start Engine, the public can invest and own a part of small, start-up companies that they believe in - a real vote with their dollars. GoSun is a crowdfunded company so it makes a lot of sense to have our customers also become investors.” GoSun, a home grown Cincinnati company started in an old garage in Northside, has now shipped over 155,000 solar products to customers in over 80 countries and generated over $23M in sales. GoSun makes a variety of portable solar products; including breakthrough solar ovens, portable refrigerators, solar power generators, water purification systems, solar electric boats, off-grid campers, and more. GoSun’s award winning technology has been recognized by the likes of CES, FastCo. and The White House for innovation and impact. Honoring the contribution made towards eliminating global emissions, CES awarded GoSun with StartUp of the Year, a Climate Change Innovation Award, and several Innovation Honoree Awards. “Most of the world is looking for ways to alleviate the problems of Climate Change. GoSun serves a unique market niche because our products are built for recreation, responsibility, and resilience. We provide solutions that meet immediate, everyday needs while addressing massive, global issues,“ Sherwin stated. With innovation at its core, GoSun introduces several new products every year; launching an off-grid camper in 2021, a series of solar electric boats in 2022, and has introduced its newest product, EV Solar Charger, directly on its website at  Supporting non profits around the world, GoSun donates products needed during relief exercises. Whether used in recreation or in times of need, all of GoSun’s products are designed so no one goes without cooking, cooling, light, or power - all available at   To take a better look into GoSun, view their StartEngine campaign here:  About GoSunFounded in 2016, GoSun has become the first consumer solar appliance manufacturer to break into mainstream markets. GoSun’s breakthrough solar-powered technologies can cook, cool, light, power electronics and now, charge your EV with the Sun.. These affordable products are all portable, super efficient, and free of harmful carbon emissions. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has established partnerships with companies and organizations including REI, Home Depot, the UN, Red Cross, and various NGOs. Visit for more information. Media Contact Organization: GoSun Contact Person: Patrick Sherwin Website: Email: Address:Cincinnati City: Cincinnati State: Ohio Country:United States Release id:14483

OkayCoin Unveils Diverse Crypto Staking Rewards Programs for Global Users

OkayCoin Unveils Diverse Crypto Staking Rewards Programs for...

Los Angeles, CA, United States, 19th Jul 2024 - OkayCoin, a crypto staking platform, has launched innovative staking plans explicitly tailored for crypto enthusiasts. These new offerings optimize returns and create a seamless user experience. The platform has offered user-friendly features, including easy sign-up and staking processes, and provides different staking plans with daily payouts.With the recent development, OkayCoin has merged expertise, innovation, intellectual capital, and diversity to discover crypto staking opportunities and deliver optimal crypto staking plans for its clients and partners. Their global team boasts extensive experience in the Web3 ecosystem, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and finance. OkayCoin enhances the security of users' funds by avoiding wallet linkage through APIs, providing a user-friendly platform for efficient crypto staking services. Users can access detailed and transparent reports on their crypto staking activities, stay informed, track progress, and make better investment decisions with real-time data and insights. Their comprehensive platform offers scalable solutions tailored to meet the users' staking needs effectively, regardless of whether the user is an individual or managing an extensive portfolio. Some of the available crypto staking rewards programs include Free Trial Liquid Staking, Ethereum Liquid Staking, Polygon Liquid Staking, TRON Liquid Staking, Polkadot Liquid Staking, Celestia Liquid Staking, Avalanche Liquid Staking, and Solana Liquid Staking.The team at OkayCoin is composed of industry veterans and blockchain specialists committed to driving innovation and maintaining high standards in safeguarding. New users receive a $100 welcome bonus upon signing up and can get a 3.5% referral reward. Users can start staking and maximize their earnings through the crypto staking rewards program by OkayCoin. For more information about OkayCoin and its crypto staking services, please visit their website.About OkayCoin:OkayCoin is recognized as one of the best crypto staking platforms, offering top-tier security and efficient services for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive support, OkayCoin stands out among the best crypto staking platforms, ensuring optimal returns and a seamless staking experience. Media Contact Organization: Okay coin Contact Person: William Miller Website: Email: City: Los Angeles State: CA Country:United States Release id:14505

Callie Unveils Weekly New Products and Customization Options

Callie Unveils Weekly New Products and Customization Options

Hong Kong, China, 19th Jul 2024 - Callie, a creative online gift store, is redefining the art of gifting with a diverse range of tailor-made and original goods. In the latest developments, Callie has offered a selection including jewelry, home decor, accessories, clothing, and special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and holidays.In a bold move that sets it apart from competitors, Callie has unveiled a game-changing approach to gifting: introducing new, original products every week. This innovative strategy keeps customers eagerly anticipating the latest in cutting-edge design and high-quality craftsmanship.The store's commitment to quality and customization bolsters that each gift is memorable and cherished. Callie's journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to understand what people desire in a gift and how to make those ideas a reality.Established in 2017, Callie emerged swiftly as a premier creative online gift store. With a mission to bring personalized gift ideas to life, Callie ensures that each product is as unique and meaningful as the recipient. Additionally, Callie provides 360° support, offering detailed shipping, returns, and customer service information. This dedication to customer care ensures a seamless and satisfying shopping experience.Moreover, Callie also offers an affiliate program, allowing partners to earn on every sale referred. Callie's products add a special touch to every treasured moment. This dedication has resulted in a collection of specialty products that reflect the giver's sentiments.Please visit their website  for more information about Callie and their diverse range of gifts and products.About Callie:Callie is an online gift store specializing in customized, unique, and thoughtful gifts for various occasions and recipients. It offers multiple products, including jewelry, home decor, accessories, clothing, and personalized items for weddings, birthdays, and holidays. The site emphasizes high-quality, customizable gifts at affordable prices and provides detailed shipping, returns, and customer service information.PT: TK:  IG:   FB:   Media Contact Organization: Contact Person: David Xia Website: Email: Contact Number: +85266432597 Address:WORKSHOP 29 ON 5TH FLOOR CAREER AND KENSON INDUSTRIAL MANSION Address 2: 58 HUNG TO RD KWUNTONG KL City: Hong Kong State: Hong Kong Country:China Release id:14299

Empower. Unite. Transform 2024: Youth Ambassadors Unite for Human Rights, Justice and Peace at UN in New York

Empower. Unite. Transform 2024: Youth Ambassadors Unite for...

52 young representatives from 35 nations joined by over 400 government officials, educators, and human rights advocates from around the world convened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for the 18th International Human Rights Summit. They came together with a shared goal of promoting human rights education and advocacy. Dr. Mary Shuttleworth and Beth Akiyama provided insights during the summit. The event organized by Timor-Leste's Permanent Mission to the UN was designed to address issues of injustice and work, towards fostering peace. Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 19th Jul 2024 - With the motto Empower-Unite-Transform, the 18th International Human Rights Summit kicked off with a display of youthful passion and advocacy as 52 young delegates and ambassadors from 35 nations, joined by over 400 government officials, educators, and human rights advocates from around the world, gathered in Conference Room 4 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Their arrival was met with a standing ovation from the attendees, reflecting the collective respect for their commitment to human rights.These exceptional delegates, selected from a large pool of applicants based on their stellar track records in advocating for human rights, didn't just come for praise. Their main goal was to expand their knowledge and skills to advance their goals.Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, the president and founder of Youth for Human Rights International has been leading the organization of these summits since they began in 2004. She praised the delegates for their accomplishments and future potential underscoring the significance of their ongoing work.Diplomats and representatives from countries permanent missions to the UN, like Australia, the Bahamas, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Timor Leste and United States of America also conveyed their greetings and best wishes. The summit for this year was organized once again by the Permanent Mission of Timor Leste at the United Nations. It was also broadcast live via UN Web TV.During the event, Beth Akiyama from the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office in Washington, D.C., and who spoke on behalf of Church of Scientology International, emphasized the significance of starting the summit on July 18th, which coincides with Nelson Mandela Day as designated by the United Nations. Mandela's legacy as a champion of rights is remarkable, especially his belief that "education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Akiyama pointed out how this aligns with Youth for Human Rights mission, which focuses on global transformation through education, about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.As the summit progresses a group of young advocates united by their shared dedication and backed by various international missions and organizations aims to advance human rights education and spark a movement to eliminate injustice and promote peace worldwide.The first two days of the Summit feature panels on human rights topics: YOUTH ON HUMAN RIGHTS: A discussion on the critical role of young people in promoting human rights and setting an example for their peers.HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION: The importance of integrating human rights into educational curricula to instill values of dignity and unity among future leaders.HUMAN RIGHTS APPLIED THROUGH LAW:  A discussion of the integration of human rights in legal frameworks and the role of institutions such as courts, law enforcement and legislatures in upholding these rights.UPHOLDING HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE ARTS & MEDIA: The role of journalists, filmmakers, artists, and influencers, and the need for freedom of expression and the support of creative initiatives that champion human rights.HUMAN RIGHTS IN ACTION: The importance of nonprofit human rights organizations, the vital role of active participation in forwarding human rights, and creative ways to do so.The last day of the Summit concludes with a celebration at the Church of Scientology Harlem Community Center followed by community outreach in Times Square, New York. During this outreach participants apply their knowledge by educating individuals about the 30 human rights.The annual International Human Rights Summit serves as a platform for human rights advocates, officials, dignitaries and young people to exchange ideas and collaborate on implementing initiatives.The primary objective of the Summit is to advocate for the inclusion of education on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in school curricula and ensure that these rights are legally protected.The Church of Scientology and its members firmly believe, as inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, knowledge is the key to freedom, and therefore actively support United for Human Rights and its Youth for Human Rights program by offering their resources and programs free of charge. For information, please visit the United, for Human Rights website: #YHRISUMMIT United for Human Rights FB: @UFHumanRights Youth for Human Rights International FB @YouthForHumanRights   and X (formerly Twitter: @YFHumanRights   Media Contact Organization: European Office Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights Contact Person: Ivan Arjona Website: Email: Send Email Address:Boulevard de Waterloo 103 City: Brussels State: Brussels Country:Belgium Release id:14497

PYPROXY Introduces UDP Support: Unleashing Speed and Flexibility for Network Applications

PYPROXY Introduces UDP Support: Unleashing Speed and Flexibi...

PYPROXY is a leading provider of secure and reliable proxy services, offering a wide range of proxy IPs to unlock global content. With a strong focus on privacy protection and high-speed stability, PYPROXY empowers users with limitless possibilities in their online activities. Recently, PYPROXY is excited to announce the introduction of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) support for their services. This development brings several significant advantages for users in terms of network functionality and performance. Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., 19th Jul 2024 - What is UDP? UDP, or User Datagram Protocol, is a connectionless transport protocol that allows for rapid and efficient communication between devices on a network. Unlike other protocols, UDP does not establish a reliable and ordered connection but focuses on delivering data packets quickly and with minimal overhead. It is ideal for applications that prioritize speed and real-time data transmission, such as online gaming, live streaming, and VoIP.  Benefits of PYPROXY's UDP Support: With the added support for UDP, PYPROXY empowers users with enhanced capabilities and advantages in their network applications. By leveraging UDP, PYPROXY's proxy services offer:  Improved Speed and Efficiency: UDP's lightweight nature and reduced overhead enable faster data transmission, resulting in reduced latency and improved overall performance. Users can experience smoother and more responsive network connections for their applications. Expanded Application Compatibility: Many online applications, including gaming, multimedia streaming, and real-time communication services, heavily rely on UDP for efficient data delivery. PYPROXY's UDP support ensures seamless compatibility and optimal performance for these applications.  Enhanced Flexibility: The availability of UDP support gives users the flexibility to choose the most suitable protocol for their specific requirements. Whether users need TCP for reliable data transfer or UDP for low-latency real-time applications, PYPROXY offers a comprehensive solution.  How to Use UDP with PYPROXY: To take advantage of UDP support on PYPROXY's services, users can follow these steps: Step 1: Create a sub-user and password in the User List within your PYPROXY account. Step 2: Manage your proxies by accessing the Static ISP Proxies or Dedicated Datacenter Proxies section in your account dashboard. Step 3: Configure your proxy software or fingerprint browser to select Socks5 as the proxy type. This selection ensures compatibility with UDP connections.Step 4: Input the following format, replacing the placeholders with your specific details: IP:Port(2340):Username:Password. For example, the format should resemble this:  By following these steps, users can seamlessly utilize UDP support on PYPROXY's Static ISP and Dedicated Datacenter proxies, enabling high-speed, efficient, and reliable network communication for their applications. Media Contact Organization: Pyproxy Contact Person: PYPROXY Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +85251239526 City: Hong Kong Country:Hong Kong S.A.R. Release id:14460

GoReporter, the new citizen journalism platform that expands mediaCastpro's video catalog

GoReporter, the new citizen journalism platform that expands...

The new GoReporter participatory journalism platform allows anyone to upload videos of events and news facts that will then be put up for sale on mediaCastpro, where interested journalists can purchase them. Genova, Italy, 19th Jul 2024 - The company netMtech is pleased to announce the opening of the new participatory journalism platform GoReporter, which integrates with the mediaCastpro platform that has already been operational for several months.For those who do not already know, mediaCastpro is a B2B marketplace where audiovisual professionals can buy and sell video footage on any topic. It is a very different platform than microstock and news video agencies for a variety of reasons:on mediaCastpro professionals can independently choose the selling prices of their videos;videos uploaded to mediaCastpro are immediately available for purchase without the need for prior administrative approval;even very long videos, consisting of multiple clips, as generated by the camera, can be uploaded and sold on mediaCastpro;videos can be sold exclusively or privately to individual buyers on mediaCastpro.These features have made mediaCastpro a particularly effective platform for the buying and selling of news and reporting videos among industry professionals, such as journalists, documentary filmmakers, TV broadcasters, bloggers, etc.In order to increase even more the range of videos featured on mediaCastpro, the netMtech company wanted to open a new platform, GoReporter, which also allows non-professional citizens to upload news and events videos. These videos, if deemed interesting by the staff, will then be offered for sale on mediaCastpro.Any video of potential journalistic interest, local, national or international, can be uploaded to GoReporter. Videos can cover scheduled events, news events, demonstrations, protests, gossip, interviews with important people, and more. Users are incentivized to upload videos to GoReporter as they will get 50 percent of the proceeds if they are sold.Thanks to the integration between GoReporter and mediaCastpro, journalists interested in purchasing news and factual videos can now browse a wider repertoire of videos, including not only those made by professional video reporters but also those made by private citizens who happened to be in the right place at the right time. A large proportion of news events, in fact, happen suddenly, without the presence on the scene of a professional journalist who can take footage. This is precisely why it is important for those working in the news field to also be able to browse participatory journalism platforms such as GoReporter, where it is possible to find videos made by users in all parts of the world.Videos purchased on mediaCastpro, by interested journalists or documentary filmmakers, can be used by them with great freedom. There are no limits either in terms of distribution channel - videos can also be broadcast on TV - or in terms of audience size. Moreover, no attribution is required, so journalists can broadcast the purchased video without citing either mediaCastpro or the actual author of the video.It should be noted, however, that mediaCastpro, while particularly effective for buying and selling news videos, allows the sale and purchase of any type of video. Indeed, on that platform it is also possible to sell and buy stock videos, which can be used for commercial purposes, and finished video productions of any type, such as complete documentaries. The mediaCastpro marketplace, in fact, places very few technical constraints on the videos that can be uploaded and sold, so that it is particularly flexible and suitable for different uses.For more information you can visit and Media Contact Organization: netMtech srl Contact Person: Alessandro Brencich Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +393201874335 Address:Via Montevideo, 7/1a, 16129 Genova (GE) City: Genova Country:Italy Release id:14452

IllustratorHow Celebrates Grand Opening of New Business in San Francisco

IllustratorHow Celebrates Grand Opening of New Business in S...

United States, 19th Jul 2024 - IllustratorHow is excited to announce the grand opening of its new business location in San Francisco, The company aims to provide unparalleled Adobe Illustrator tutorials, project feedback, and portfolio improvement services to designers and creatives. Founded by June Escalada, IllustratorHow focuses on helping individuals enhance their design skills and achieve their professional goals.June Escalada, CEO of IllustratorHow, commented on the launch: "Opening the new office in San Francisco is a significant milestone for IllustratorHow. The goal is to create a supportive environment where designers can refine their skills, receive professional feedback, and enhance their portfolios. The team believes that the right design is crucial for any project or business, and they are here to guide the clients every step of the way."IllustratorHow offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of designers and creatives. Whether it's designing a new brand, improving an existing brand image, or seeking help with personal projects, IllustratorHow provides expert guidance and support. The company also offers personalized tutoring sessions and portfolio reviews to help designers present their work effectively and stand out in the competitive job market.One of the unique aspects of IllustratorHow is its focus on practical, hands-on learning. The company emphasizes the importance of real-world experience and collaboration with other creatives to generate innovative ideas. With over ten years of experience in graphic design, June Escalada and her team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.June Escalada shared her vision for the future of IllustratorHow: "The team is committed to expanding the services and reaching more designers who need the support. By continuously evolving the offerings and staying up-to-date with the latest design trends, the team aims to be the go-to resource for Adobe Illustrator education and professional development. The focus is on helping the clients achieve their creative potential and succeed in their careers."In addition to its core services, IllustratorHow is dedicated to fostering a community of designers who can learn from and inspire each other. The company plans to host interactive workshops, live Q&A sessions with Adobe Illustrator experts, and brainstorming sessions to encourage collaboration and creativity.For designers preparing for job interviews or looking to improve their portfolios, IllustratorHow provides comprehensive portfolio reviews. These reviews offer valuable insights and actionable feedback to help designers showcase their talent effectively. The company understands that presenting a well-crafted portfolio is essential for career success, and its services are designed to help clients achieve that goal.IllustratorHow invites designers and creatives to take advantage of its expert services and join its growing community. For more information about the company and its Adobe Illustrator offerings and courses, visit IllustratorHow at Suite 3, Level 4, 445 Bush St, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108, or contact them at +1 415-993-5737 or via email at Media Contact Organization: IllustratorHow Contact Person: June Escalada Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +14159935737 Address:Suite 3, level 4, 445 Bush St 6th floor Address 2: San Francisco, CA 94108 Country:United States Release id:14446

New tool allows for the implementation of No Code blockchain.

New tool allows for the implementation of No Code blockchain...

The reader has been provided with BVM Studio as a new tool that would help in deploying blockchain solutions through simplified no-code mechanism in a bid to demystify the use of blockchain. The tool will have feature of visual programming editor where users will be allowed to drop their blockchains like pieces of lego. The approach commits to enable individuals to build any project’s own zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup blockchain without coding proficiency, computation infrastructure, storage, or hardware nodes. Talking to Cointelegraph, the representatives of the BVM team, a BaaS infrastructure provider and the developer of BVM Studio, admitted that the tool in question, though ‘highly convenient,’ has its flaws. “it is not as flexible as fully custom coded solutions; however what we are able to present is in constant development and new features and options are added on a regular basis to increase flexibility. ” Codeless self-service blockchains In the past, creating a blockchain meant that one had to have some knowledge in technology, availability of money and a good comprehension of programming plus measures put in place for security. “[It] requires no technical setup or coding skills, making it accessible to everyone. It offers a no-code, drag-and-drop interface that allows anyone to deploy a blockchain in less than 2 minutes.” The team explained that the tool enables customization of the “base layer, hardware, compute, data availability, block gas limit, withdrawal time, ZK prover,” and pre-installed decentralized applications (DApps). Read also: Streamline Your Mini-Game Launches on Telegram with Web3 Tools Read Full Article Here The post New tool allows for the implementation of No Code blockchain. appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

New proposed measures of risk assessment of DeFi protocols revealed

New proposed measures of risk assessment of DeFi protocols r...

The EEA has realeased the decentralized finance (DeFi) Risk Assessment Guidelines Version 1, which is a best practice guide for samples containing specific threats of DeFi protocols. DRAMA Working Group at the EEA created the guidelines in cooperation with the companies like Consensys, Hacken, CertiK, Quantstamp, OpenZeppelin, Banco Santander, Bitwave, and others. It is important to note that the document that we developed is useful for the identification of risks and for the provision of solutions on the DeFi protocol regulators, developers, investors, and users side. Dyma Budorin, the co-chair of EEA DRAMA as well as the CEO of Hacken added that the guidelines are complete and serve as a standard that “resource founders and dev teams can rely on when working on their products. ” Guideline details The DeFi Risk Assessment Guidelines deal with governance risks, tokenonomic risks, software risks, liquidity risks, regulatory risks, and outside risks. The guidelines discuss peculiarities of different types of software that may be issues, including oracles, smart contracts, and bridges and concern specifics of security and compatibility problems. The document outlines the best practices in the areas such as user awareness, bug bounties, stress tests, patching, encryption of data and more in relation to DeFi risk management as mentioned above. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Chaals Nevile, Director of technical programs at EEA, said that: “According to the Working Group’s suggestion, the Guidelines have to be kept as is, while publishing updates whenever needed.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE The post New proposed measures of risk assessment of DeFi protocols revealed appeared first on King NewsWire. It is provided by a third-party content provider. King Newswire makes no warranties or representations in connection with it.

Rising Star: $10,000 Artwork Sold at Debut Exhibition of 50-Year-Old Hearing-Impaired Artist Tsao Ting-Chang

Rising Star: $10,000 Artwork Sold at Debut Exhibition of 50-...

His Art Exhibits a Magnificent Synthesis of French Aesthetics and Eastern Philosophy, leading a new trend in the art world. Taiwan, 18th Jul 2024 - Taiwanese artist Tsao Ting-Chang, 50, has made a dramatic debut in art with a spectacular display of inventiveness and perseverance. His first exhibition demonstrates his enduring love of painting and his extraordinary ability to meld Eastern philosophy with French aesthetics. This blend has captured the attention of international collectors, bankers, and businesspeople in addition to the local Taiwanese art scene.Tsao Ting-Chang, known affectionately as Peter, experienced significant challenges after losing his hearing due to a high fever in childhood. Despite these challenges, he pursued his education with vigor and became the first foreign hearing-impaired student to earn both a Bachelor's degree in Visual Design and a Master's degree in Multimedia from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, in 2004.His academic achievements began a prolific career spanning over three decades, including significant contributions to over a hundred corporate branding projects across Greater China. His prestigious clientele includes Taiwan Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Japan Yamaha, Franz Collection, China Ceramic Museum, Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln, Singapore FM Media, Helmut Furniture Germany, Shanghai Economic Review, and Hong Kong Bauhinia Magazine.During the global pandemic, Tsao took a pause from his design work to focus deeply on the art of written expression. He developed a unique artistic vision: "I aim to elevate texts imbued with life philosophy to a level that can deeply move people, akin to music and poetry. Texts are visual music, and symphonies are harmonious ensembles, much like our pursuit of a fulfilling life, employing profound wisdom to comprehend experiences and face them serenely, composing a harmonious movement of life." His reflections during this period culminated in the creation of the "Symphony of Life Maxims: When French Aesthetics Meet Eastern Philosophy," a series acclaimed for its innovative fusion of cultural aesthetics.The series has already received high praise from numerous Taiwanese art professors and has been eagerly collected by notable figures in the banking and corporate world, including Mr. Bill, former CEO of multiple banks in Hong Kong and China, Professor Derek, President of Derektu Financial Agency, USA and Daniel, the Vice President of SinoPac Bank Hong Kong. Some of his pieces from this series were recently sold for an impressive sum of US$10,000, highlighting his emerging status among new-generation art collectors.Tsao Ting-Chang's work in the "Symphony of Life Maxims" series employs contemporary digital mixed media with a focus on the expressive potential of Hanzi characters. His brushwork expertly navigates through variations in intensity, line proportions, rhythm, abstraction, and realism. He incorporates the golden ratio of 0.618 in his compositions, which is indicative of his deep engagement with both Western and Eastern design principles, resulting in artworks that symbolize an ideal state of integration and harmony.In Tsao's own words, "sustainable art realizes the harmonious development of corporate ethics and wealth." His creations are profound realizations of life's lessons and profound conveyances of visual experiences. According to Peter, sustainable art is the harmonious growth of business ethics and profit via artistic pursuits. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN, his art acts as a link between corporate obligations and moral behavior. This strategy has elevated his artistic expression and established him as a thought leader in the field of fusing art and corporate sustainability.The "Symphony of Life Maxims" series is evidence of Peter's creative use of both conventional and digital art mediums. It creates a visually spectacular and enlightening interaction between cultures by skillfully fusing Eastern philosophical Hanzi characters with Western visual aesthetics. The golden ratio, or 0.618, is a Western design theory that represents perfect proportions and balance. It is used in his pieces to arrange the visual components. This mathematical method of composition guarantees that every work is profoundly philosophical in addition to being aesthetically beautiful.In light of recent social and environmental turbulence, Tsao Ting-Chang returned to Taiwan and established "Be36 Art." Through his initiative, he observes social phenomena and addresses them with moral philosophy expressed through character art. His works aim to cultivate the mind and soothe the soul, offering a stabilizing force in uncertain times.In the second half of 2024, Tsao Ting-Chang plans to present his "Symphony of Life Maxims" series both nationally and abroad. Art experts and lovers alike are expected to pay close attention to the exhibition, wanting to witness personally his singular fusion of philosophical profundity and cultural aesthetics. Furthermore, his influence keeps expanding since he coaches upcoming designers and artists, sharing his expertise and assisting in shaping the art and design industries' future.Peter has a strong commitment to using art to explore existential themes in life, which is evident in his work. Because of his hearing loss, he is able to investigate silence as a place full of visual music rather than just a lack of sound, which gives his work an additional level of intricacy. Because of his distinct viewpoint, he has received great appreciation from many Taiwanese art instructors and adoration from collectors worldwide, including well-known people from the business and banking worlds.The art world is ready to accept Tsao Ting-Chang's beautiful creations and the deep philosophical foundations that make his work genuinely transformative as the world awaits his next shows. His inspirational journey from overcoming personal misfortune to impacting the worldwide art scene is proof of the strength of creativity and tenacity in the face of adversity.About Be36 ArtBe36 Art is a platform that supports the fusion of philosophy, art, and social responsibility. It was founded by Tsao Ting-Chang. It is committed to advancing art that reflects moral principles and intellectual nuance and has a big influence on both domestic and global platforms. For more information, please visit: Media Contact Organization: Be36 Art Contact Person: Tsao Peter Website: Email: Send Email Country:Taiwan Release id:14449

Absolute Janitorial Services Achieves IICRC Certification

Absolute Janitorial Services Achieves IICRC Certification

Orem, Utah, United States, 18th Jul 2024 - Absolute Janitorial Services, a renowned family-owned business, proudly announces its latest achievement: IICRC Certification. This certification underscores the company's commitment to technical excellence and professionalism in the cleaning and restoration industry.Absolute Janitorial Services Leads the Industry with IICRC Certification in South Orem, UTAbsolute Janitorial Services is now an elite IICRC Certified Firms in South Orem, UT. Known for their high level of technical expertise and dedication, IICRC Certified Firms like Absolute Janitorial Services are trusted for their superior service in cleaning and restoration projects.The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit organization that establishes the benchmarks for professional cleaning and restoration services. By obtaining IICRC certification, Absolute Janitorial Services demonstrates that their technicians possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver exceptional cleaning and restoration services."We are incredibly proud to be IICRC certified. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to providing our clients with the best service possible. Our IICRC-certified technicians undergo rigorous training and possess extensive experience in all aspects of cleaning and restoration. This ensures your property is cleaned and restored to its pre-loss condition, quickly and efficiently." states Leesa Bell, CEO of Absolute Janitorial Services. Top 3 Reasons Why IICRC Certification Matters for Cleaning and RestorationHere are three reasons why an IICRC Certification Matters for Cleaning and RestorationSetting the Benchmark in Cleaning and RestorationWith IICRC Certification, Absolute Janitorial Services meets rigorous standards, ensuring every project is handled with the utmost precision and care.Meeting Increased Consumer DemandAbsolute Janitorial Services is equipped to meet this growing need, providing reliable and expert solutions to their clients.Professionalism and Technical ExpertiseWith their IICRC Certification, clients of Absolute Janitorial Services can trust that they are receiving services from highly trained and knowledgeable professionals.Absolute Janitorial Services: Commitment to ExcellenceLocated in South Orem, UT, Absolute Janitorial Services has been a reliable cleaning service provider for years. As a women-owned and veteran-owned business, they hold an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and are proud members of the International Facilities Management Association, Utah Chapter. The company is cleared to clean police stations and prisons, highlighting their trustworthiness and professionalism.Below is the list of few key services offered by Absolute JanitorialJanitorial Services: Regular cleaning services tailored for office spaces, ensuring a clean and professional environment.Office Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning solutions for office buildings, including trash removal and surface cleaning.Carpet Cleaning: Specialized cleaning to maintain and rejuvenate carpets, improving appearance and longevity.All the services offered are designed to meet the needs of both commercial and residential cleaning clients, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Contact Information:Leesa BellAbsolute Janitorial Services1296 West 635 South Orem, UT 84058United StatesPhone: (385)786-0566 Press Release was posted by Job Calls Media Contact Organization: Absolute Janitorial Services Contact Person: Leesa Bell Website: Email: Send Email Contact Number: +13857860566 Address:1296 635 S, Orem, UT 84058 City: Orem State: Utah Country:United States Release id:14447