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Grand News Network | October 25, 2023

British IKAR Holdings and WCT Group, signed agreement with German AE Solar

United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2023, King NewsWire

British IKAR Holdings and WCT Group, signed agreement with German AE Solar

IKAR Holdings, a London based multi-tiered entrepreneurial group, and its strategic partner, international investment group WCT signed an agreement with German AE Solar company covering multiple mutual business activities in the energy sector.

AE SOLAR is a Germany based, globally active TIER1 manufacturer of high-quality solar panels with production plants in Europe and Asia and a presence in more than 100+ countries. It has made already more than 3200+ successful PV installations.

The parties agree to establish together several factories in Europe specialized in the production of high-quality, efficient solar cells, thereby promoting sustainable energy solutions.

The parties further agreed to establish a mutual SPV which will act as an investment vehicle focusing on solar farms in Europe, Middle East and South America.

Dr. Alexander Maier, Founding CEO of AE Solar stated: “We are already a successful solar panel manufacturing group, with own factories in China, Türkiye and Georgia. Our aim is to increase our manufacturing capacities significantly and over time to become a vertically operating energy group. The partnership with IKAR Holdings, which has a huge experience in the energy industry and a distinguished global network, as well as the access of WCT group to provide the necessary finance, will enable us to achieve outstanding growth and commercial success in the upcoming years”.

“Within our group, the energy sectors plays a vital role, not just due to the background and experience of our partners, but more as we believe that the energy industry, especially in the renewable sector has enormous potentials. We share the vision of Dr. Maier and his company, that a vertically operating energy group is the right approach to create a value chain of activities within the energy industry”, said Mario Diel, Founding Chairman and CEO, IKAR Holdings.

Björn Söderberg, Vice President of WCT Group stated: “The cooperation between AE Solar, IKAR Holdings and our group will set up new standards in the energy world. Our future mutual portfolio will range from solar panel manufacturing, to EPC, Trading and Investments into solar parks on a global scale”.

The parties aiming already in the first year of operations to install 1 GW and increase this capacity of up to 5 GW in the upcoming years.

The planned investment volume for the next 5 years was specified with 1 Billion Euros.

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