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Grand News Network | October 31, 2023

Break Free Consultancy Empowers NDIS Businesses for Success and Community Growth

Break Free Consultancy, a business consultancy company, has empowered National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS businesses across Australia. Founded by Jacqui Grant, a visionary leader with 36 years of experience in the Health and Disability sector, Break Free Consultancy is committed to supporting NDIS businesses in achieving success while upholding the standards of care and inclusivity.

Break Free Consultancy Empowers NDIS Businesses for Success and Community Growth

Break Free Consultancy has offered a range of services designed to meet the needs of NDIS businesses, whether they are just starting out or already established in the disability sector. With a strong emphasis on creating robust business processes, supporting staff education and well-being, and preparing for audits, Break Free Consultancy has taken a professional approach to bolster that businesses thrive in a competitive environment.

One of Break Free Consultancy’s prominent features is its “Connect and Grow Membership.” This program is a thriving community of service providers across Australia who share a common goal – to support individuals with NDIS plans in living their best lives. Members enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts to Connect & Grow events, networking opportunities, and access to the Connect and Grow monthly magazine.

Additionally, members receive discounts on Break Free Consultancy courses and have the opportunity to advertise in the Connect and Grow Magazine. This initiative fosters collaboration and support among NDIS businesses, building a stronger community for NDIS plan beneficiaries.

One of the key highlights in Break Free Consultancy’s calendar is the Connect and Grow Networking Event, which happens every month in Victoria and offers opportunities to learn about various aspects of the NDIS sector. The next event takes place in November 2023, Jacqui Grant will share the secrets of running a successful NDIS business and provide insights into life as a neurodivergent person.

Uniquely Me Project: Giving Back to the Community

Break Free Consultancy has launched the Uniquely Me Project as part of its commitment to community support. This initiative raises funds for various charities through the sale of the “Uniquely Me” book and coffee mug and the Empowerment Wellbeing Card deck.

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About the Founder – Jacqui Grant

Jacqui Grant has 36 years of experience and qualifications in the Health and Disability sector. Her leadership is not just about qualifications; it’s personal. As a neurodivergent individual, Jacqui understands the sector from multiple perspectives, making her an empathetic and effective advocate for change. Her commitment to neurodiversity and her personal experiences turned Break Free Consultancy into a force for positive change.

About Company:

Break Free Consultancy is a consultancy that empowers NDIS businesses with tailored business consultations and coaching services. With an emphasis on robust business processes, staff support, and inclusivity, Break Free Consultancy is committed to helping NDIS businesses thrive and succeed. They offer the Connect and Grow Membership, a community-building initiative, and the Uniquely Me Project to give back to the community.

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