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Grand News Network | January 23, 2024

$CULO Announces New Records On Polygon Blockchain After Recent Stealth Launch

Miami, FL, United States, 23rd Jan 2024, King NewsWireToday, $CULO is the viral meme token with a purpose on the Polygon network. In the latest development, The $Culo team is looking to bring their viral meme to IRL (In Real Life Events) starting in Miami Jan 26th!

$CULO has been developed as a viral meme with purpose. $CULO has gained widespread attention for its innovative approach on the Polygon network, providing light utility tools for investors. At the heart of its ecosystem is the revolutionary Ai Contract Scanner, $CULOSCANNER, designed to heat up the POLY/MATIC network, soon to be known as the POL network.

CuloExpert Token serves as more than just a meme. $CULO Token is not your typical meme token; it is designed with a purpose. The token brings instant utility through its Ai Contract Scanner, $CuloScanner. The team is dedicated to enhancing the functionality and impact of the token within the growing the POL network.

$CULO’s commitment to transparency is evident in its fair launch and tokenomics structure. $CULO, with a total token supply of 1 trillion, embraces a transparent and fair financial ecosystem. A 3% buy/sell tax mechanism is implemented to foster sustainability and community growth. Additionally, a less than 1% total supply air drop campaign ensures widespread distribution, promoting inclusivity among holders. The token’s innovative approach includes a robust incentive system, allocating 12% for various programs such as treasure hunts, bounties, staking rewards, and engaging marketing influencers all transparently vested. 

Moreover, this multi-faceted strategy not only cultivates community engagement but also enhances the overall value proposition of $CULO as a viral meme. The Culo Expert team has the ambitious goal of bringing mass adoption to the Polygon Blockchain and thus far they seem to have made a big splash on the scene thru multiple celebrity appearances such as the likes of NFL Pro Football Hall Of Famer Warren Sapp, and top crypto influencers George from CryptosRUs and others.


About the company – $CULO: 

$CULO is a meme token on the Polygon network, known for its vibrant community, innovative utility tools, and commitment to transparency.

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