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Grand News Network | February 7, 2024

Junkdrop Austin - Ethical Junk Removal Comes to Austin

Nashville-based junk removal company, Junkdrop, is expanding services to Austin, prioritizing sustainability and community support. Owner Walter Hindman's approach involves storing reusable items and collaborating with local nonprofits to furnish homes for those in need. With over 300 Nashville homes furnished in three years, Junkdrop aims to establish firm roots in Austin, emphasizing lasting relationships with both nonprofits and recipients. The company's commitment to eco-friendly practices sets it apart while redefining traditional approaches to junk removal.

Texas, Austin, United States, 7th Feb 2024, King NewsWire - Junkdrop, a Nashville-based junk removal company, is making its mark in Austin with a mission to assist local families in need of furnishings. Owned by Nashville native Walter Hindman, the company is expanding its services to Austin, specializing in eco-friendly practices and community support.

Junkdrop Austin - Ethical Junk Removal Comes to Austin

Junkdrop sets itself apart by not only removing unwanted items, such as furniture and appliances, but also by storing reusable goods in their shipping containers. The company collaborates with local nonprofits to deliver these items to people in need at no cost. The unique approach ensures that functional items, from vacuums to sofas and TVs, find new homes instead of ending up in landfills.

Since its establishment three years ago, Junkdrop has furnished over 300 homes in Nashville. Now, as they plant roots in Austin, the company aims to create lasting relationships with local nonprofits and recipients alike.

Walter Hindman, CEO of JunkDrop, emphasized the company's commitment to sustainability and community engagement. In an email, he stated, "This isn't a transient endeavor; we aim to establish firm roots in this city and build meaningful relationships with the recipients."

Junkdrop's services go beyond traditional junk removal, reimagining the process to focus on delivering items in good condition and setting them up inside recipients' homes. The company addresses Austin's junk removal needs with a holistic approach, including services like junk removal, donation pick up, and contributing to the broader community's well-being. You can find more at

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Junkdrop Austin - Ethical Junk Removal Comes to Austin

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