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Grand News Network | March 9, 2024

Pink Elements launches Pink Token on Solana in April – A revolution for collective environmental awareness

Germany, 9th Mar 2024 – Pink Elements announces the launch of its native “Pink Token” on the Solana platform in April. This marks a significant milestone towards decentralised data solutions for environmental engagement with focus on data ownership and AI-powered analytics.

In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, Pink Elements is setting a positive example by using blockchain technology to drive positive environmental change. Comprehensible, up-to-date, and transparent environmental information on drinking water, air and soil quality will have a lasting impact on consumer behavior and influence investment decisions, e.g. in real estate, or the choice of travel destinations. The vision is to make environmental data from public and private data sources transparently accessible to everyone and to transform data ownership towards a fairer and more inclusive data marketplace on the web3.

Pink Elements launches Pink Token on Solana in April – A revolution for collective environmental awareness

Decentralisation for a better environment: Pink Elements uses decentralisation to promote positive environmental change. By decentralising access to environmental information and decision-making processes, Pink Elements empowers people around the world to take action for the environment. Through decentralised governance mechanisms, users have a say in the design of environmentally relevant initiatives, ensuring participation and transparency.

Solana – catalyst for scalability and efficiency: The Pink Token is based on the Solana blockchain’s advanced Proof of History (PoH) consensus technology, benefiting from Solana’s high transaction speeds and low fees, which ensure seamless and cost-effective environmental engagement. Thanks to Solana’s scalability, Pink Elements can accommodate a growing user base while maintaining high throughput, facilitating real-time data sharing and analysis for environmental monitoring and protection.

Data ownership empowers communities: At the centre of Pink Elements’ ethos is the principle of data ownership. By allowing users to retain ownership of their environmental data, Pink Elements ensures transparency and trust within its community. Users have full control over how their data is shared and used, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where contributions are valued and respected.

AI-powered information for smarter decision-making: Using artificial intelligence, Pink Elements adds value to environmental data by providing actionable insights and recommendations. Pink Elements’ AI engine analyses large datasets provided by users and provides valuable insights into environmental risks, trends, and patterns. This AI-powered analysis equips individuals and organisations with the know-how they need to make informed decisions and take meaningful environmental action.

Pink Token incentivises environmental engagement: The launch of the Pink Token is an important milestone in Pink Elements’ mission to incentivise environmental engagement. As the native cryptocurrency of the Pink Elements ecosystem, the Pink Token serves as a micropayment vehicle for all transactions and a tool to reward users who contribute valuable environmental data and actively participate in community initiatives. Through mechanisms such as staking and rewards, the Pink Token encourages sustainable engagement and promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among users. Each transaction increases the value of the Pink Token and the community drives demand.

Through its decentralised approach, which is supported by the Solana platform, Pink Elements empowers everyone to actively participate in protecting and preserving the environment.

“The Pink Token will be our platform’s decentralised community currency, enabling monetisation and creating loyalty,” says Alexander Pulkert, CEO and co-founder of Pink Elements AG. “With the Pink Token, we are promoting a decentralised and fair ecosystem for water quality data. Our innovative approach of “democratised data ownership” enables different stakeholders to own and market their data.”

With the launch of the Pink Token, Pink Elements is inviting people around the world to join the collective effort for a greener and more sustainable future.

Pink Elements launches Pink Token on Solana in April – A revolution for collective environmental awareness

Pink Elements

Pink Elements AG, based in Vaduz/Principality of Liechtenstein, was founded in 2021 to create an independent and global social platform for the simple exchange of relevant environmental data, such as drinking water or air quality, which will be accessible to everyone – a kind of Wikipedia of environmental data. The intuitive platform offers a protected space with reliable data that is transparent and secured by blockchain technology. The quality of the data is assessed by the community to make it easier to select trustworthy information. The aim is to establish the Pink Elements app as the most detailed water and environmental database available worldwide and thus provide people with the knowledge they need to advocate for better framework conditions on the basis of sound information.

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