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Grand News Network | March 18, 2024

UNICE: Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Through Blockchain and AI

Seoul, Korea North, 18th Mar 2024 – Recently, the blockchain-based artificial intelligence messaging service ‘UNICE’ has been selected as an ecosystem project by many global VCs. UNICE Lab, founded by medical professionals and medical school professors from Korea, aims to develop ‘UNICE,’ an AI that can handle everything from early disease diagnosis to treatment, and even surgery.

UNICE: Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Through Blockchain and AI

This UNICE service, an AI-based blockchain messenger trained by doctors, analyzes users’ conversation and voice data to assess their mental and physical health status, providing customized healthcare solutions based on this analysis. The UNICE AI doctor is capable of early diagnosis, health management, customized treatment and prescription, and if necessary, surgical intervention, heralding a new era of proactive healthcare. Particularly, it aims to provide high-quality medical services to regions and vulnerable groups lacking medical resources, through integration with globally recognized robotic surgical systems such as da Vinci, MAKO, and Senhance.

The UNICE project builds a vast medical database based on user participation, generating added value such as tailored advertising for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and medical firms, as well as linking hospitals with actual patients. All these services leverage blockchain technology to enhance data reliability and security, sharing profits transparently with users, and offering a new service model. This innovative approach will solidify UNICE Labs’ leading position in the global healthcare industry.

UNICE Lab anticipates creating significant social value by offering services in regions with scarce medical resources, particularly Southeast Asia. The experience and data collected in this region will serve as a basis for refining service provision strategies in Korea, Europe, America, and beyond. Based on these experiences, UNICE Lab plans to adjust and improve services according to the legal environments of different countries.

However, the adoption of such innovations faces limitations due to legal and policy constraints in many countries. In response, the UNICE team is continuously researching and developing to provide new types of medical services in various countries and is striving to harmonize with the policies of different nations. Monitoring the development and delivery methods of UNICE, which aims to increase accessibility to medical services worldwide and lead medical innovation, is crucial. These efforts will bear fruit, allowing many countries to benefit from the innovative services provided by UNICE.

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UNICE: Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Through Blockchain and AI

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