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Grand News Network | April 25, 2024

Space Trash Signs: Space pollution visualized as constellations

A coalition of private and public aerospace entities has led to the creation of the first-ever set of astronomical constellations formed from space debris, aimed at raising awareness for space pollution just before a pivotal UN meeting.

Munich, Germany, 25th Apr 2024 – There are over 160 million pieces of human-made space debris. These fragments endanger space infrastructure that support essential services such as telecommunications, navigation, disaster response, environmental monitoring, agriculture, financial systems, and more. 

Space Trash Signs: Space pollution visualized as constellations

The “Space Trash Signs” project seeks to raise awareness about the issue of space debris before the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS) session in June 2024. Launched with the support of aerospace companies and space agencies, scientists and universities, as well as activists, museums and media from around the world, the initiative introduces new constellations made from space debris. Each constellation represents a specific consequence of space pollution. 

For example, “The Broken Compass” depicts the potential loss of navigation systems like GPS, threatening aviation and maritime services. “The Great 404” highlights the dangers of reduced internet access, risking the isolation of  communities. “The Lost Harvest” symbolizes the threat to environmental monitoring made possible through satellites.

Space Trash Signs: Space pollution visualized as constellations

AI-based technology was used to scan all debris datapoints and identify the constellations based on shape, source object, and even relevant locations. For example: “The Lost Harvest” was located over the Amazon rainforest and “The Broken Compass” over the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

The Space Trash Signs were showcased to the world through a website, planetarium experiences, and AR stargazing apps. A digital campaign also engages the public with the consequences of space pollution through staged errors on websites, failed parcel tracking, and missing weather forecasts, directing users to the initiative’s website for further information and ways to act.

Space Trash Signs: Space pollution visualized as constellations

About the creators

Space Trash Signs was created by Serviceplan Innovation together with Moby Digg, Eat, Sleep + Design, Jürgen Branz, kimera, Non Zero, peoplegrapher, and Mediaplus Group. Serviceplan Innovation (SP.IO) is the R&D unit of Serviceplan Group, one of the world’s leading independent communication agencies with offices around the world. Moby Digg is a design agency that develops global brands. Eat, Sleep + Design is an award-winning design studio based in Berlin. Jürgen Branz is a sound designer and composer based in Augsburg. kimera is an independent type foundry based in Munich. Non Zero is a CGI and design studio based in India. peoplegrapher is a film production company based in Düsseldorf. Mediaplus Group is a Serviceplan subsidiary and is the largest independent media agency in Europe.

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